Why Art?

  1. Painting is cheap therapy. Art therapists exist for a reason – because art is therapy. When one allows themselves to be creative, it produces a calming effect in the body, and helps stop the inner perfectionist or other negative voices in your head.
  2. Hey, maybe you’ll love it. Painting is like vegetables - you won’t know you like it until you try it. Most people have not touched a paint brush since that middle school art class. Once you open up your mind and give it a try, you might even find a new passion you would have never picked up on your own. (You might even be better than you thought!)
  3. Painting is fun. This isn’t a college level arts class. You’re not receiving a grade, and there are no scary in-class critiques or portfolio reviews. It is OKAY to make mistakes, and to laugh at your attempt to draw a straight line. Soon you’ll forget about whatever’s been stressing you all day, and start to smile, and relax. Maybe even grab a glass of wine, enjoy the tunes that are playing, make some new friends, and suddenly…you’re having fun. 

How it Works


  • Go to PAEARTS.ORG and find the candy corn colored icon!
  • Call up your gal pals, mom & dad, or your kindergarten classmates & FIND A DATE that works for you!
  • Choose a favorite project and REGISTER!


All of your supplies are provided so YOU can create your masterpiece! (including an apron to keep your clothes clean) Get ready to have a night of ARTSY fun!


Our instructor will guide you through the featured artwork step-by-step while you relax, sip and paint along! A complimentary glass of ‘liquid courage’ is provided to our artists 21 & up! Absolutely no experience necessary!  At the end of the session you'll be amazed at the artwork you've created.



Thursdays & Saturdays

All Sessions begin at 6PM

*arriving 15 mins early is recommended*


11th - Harry Potter Owl

13th - Drink Up Witches! 

18th - Day of the Dead Skull

20th - Open Paint 

25th - Minion Pumpkin Party 

27th - Pumpkin Patch


1st - Fall Leaves

3rd - Happy Harvest Wreath

8th - Country Bouquet

10th - Open Paint

15th - Candy UniCORN

17th - Lurkey Turkey

Meet the Instructor!

Hilary Kathleen

"My passion for creating started at an early age. Growing up in Sheboygan, I was provided with opportunities to be involved in the community and that allowed me to explore my craft through art and music. For a few years, I lived in Boston, MA while studying Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music. While living out East, I worked as a painting instructor at The PaintBar – a local sip n paint shop around the corner from campus. When I decided to move back to the Midwest and shift into my professional career, I knew I wanted to make an impact on the artist community back in my hometown. I hope as I continue to support my local arts, I will grow as a teacher, as an artist, and that I can be a catalyst for change in our community.”